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Dear students past and present,

As you all know, advising is something I take seriously regardless of your current status as my student. I have virtual office hours available for students and alumni alike on my youcanbookme site. In person office hours are available for current students Tuesdays and Thursdays.


While I enjoy meeting with each of you, some semesters I have less availability in my schedule than others. If you are unsure through what means you should direct your inquiry please see the FAQ below. 

I look forward to hearing from you, 

Professor Ziff

I need a letter of recommendation...

Schedule some time to meet virtually.

If I am writing a letter, it means we have met several times in office hours hours already. So while we should be good to go, I'll likely need details on the program or job that I can integrate. 

I'd like to list you as a reference...

Email me!

I'm happy to serve as a reference. Please email me for my phone number etc. 

I need guidance or feedback on independent research...

Email me first, then schedule some time to meet! 

If you are a current student or advisee, we should already have a set schedule. 

If you are an alum, I'm happy to help but we'll need to see what you need and whether I have the capacity. 

I'm an alum and would love to chat & catch up...

Email me first, then schedule some time to meet! 

 l love to hear what past students are doing! Feel free to reach out to me and we can see if we can find time to meet!

In addition to working with students from my classes, I also am also Director of USC's Security and Political Economy Lab integrating underrepresented student populations into the academic research and publication process. 

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Learn more about or access our Data Science Training curricula. 


Learn more or apply to our National Science Foundation funded summer REU program! 

The SPEC Lab conducts interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research on issues at the intersection of social issues, security, and economic development. In a collaborative team setting, students develop data science and other research skills that are then applied directly to the policy challenges facing national governments and international institutions. 

We focus in particular on recruiting and serving female, minority, and first-generation students early in their undergraduate career. In a close-knit, supportive research community we are building the next generation of social science researchers.  If you are interested in the substance of the lab and the training we provide, please take a look at the SPEC Lab website to find out more about us. 

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