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Welcome to my research page! 

           As a scholar, I sit at the intersection of comparative politics and international political economy with particular attention paid to development studies. In my dissertation and book project, I consider how domestic politics are able to influence the allocation of aid. Through the introduction of original datasets and the analysis of subnational development indicators, I demonstrate the ways in which donor decisions and recipient governments can divert aid away from the places and populations that need it most.  

            In addition to my substantive scholarship, I am also interested in pedagogical research. My work here is twofold. In one research agenda I look at transfer into the social sciences from California's community colleges and the particular barriers faced by underrepresented groups. My other pedagogical research is oriented around undergraduate engagement in academia and the publication process with specific attention paid to the role research assistantships can play in breaking the academic pipeline and involving first generation and BIPOC students in academia. 

           For a list of my current and pending publications, check out my CV. 

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