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Pomona College Courses & Additional Information

Welcome Pomona College Students!

am so pleased to be at Pomona this year. Current students should go to our class Canvas site to find all course content and required resources. I also have additional office hours for individual inquiries and group review sessions in person on Tuesdays. For timing, please see your syllabus.  

Statistics for Politics and International Relations

This course builds basic quantitative skills and data literacy for social science research and application. Through project-based learning, students will develop knowledge of descriptive statistics and be introduced to inferential statistical techniques. Students will work through applied examples from political science and international relations literatures, familiarizing themselves with popular datasets in the discipline and practicing quantitative research processes using R Studio. This course fulfills Area 5 of the Breadth of Study Requirements.

Comparative & International Political Economy

This course introduces students to theories and practice of political economy from international and comparative political perspectives. We will ask questions such as Why are some countries wealthy while others have persistent poverty? and How can political systems predict economic outcomes? In-class activities will allow students to journey through the world, using popular datasets from the discipline in case studies that analyze different countries’ economies. We will explore topics of trade, finance, and development focusing on how political elements like corruption, international institutions, crises, and global power dynamics impact economic policies and trajectories.

Prerequisites: POLI 005 PO or POLI 008 PO. Letter grade only.

Satisfies the following General Education Requirement(s) Area 2

Introduction to
International Relations

Global South Studies

This course is an introduction to the theories, discipline, and topics associated with international relations. 

This course introduces students to issues of governance, development, conflict, and international interactions in the Global South. Through applied coursework, students will analyze the interconnections between international relations and the domestic politics of developing nations in the southern hemisphere. 

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